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Gallery of Certificate Frames

Strata 2

Each frame is handcrafted and no two are exactly alike.

Mosaic Styles

Mosaic Sq Detail

-Abstract mosaic design with 90 degree angles; squares and rectangles

Mosaic Detail 1

-Abstract mosaic design with 45 degree angles; rectangles and triangles

Pattern Detail

- Mosaic with pattern; squares, rectangles and/or triangles
expect a wide variety of patterns within this style

Frame w Music

- Mosaic with music, map, text or other border

Frame Size and Width

The photo below shows two frames: the one on the left is the wide frame.

The wide frame has an extra 1/2" on each side of the frame, allowing for more mosaic, or the addition of a border.
In the wider version, it is possible to also have recycled window glass added.
Wide frames are 2.25" and the
Narrow frames are 1.75"from the outer edge of the frame, to the opening for the certificate.

The wide certificate frame has an overall size of 12"x14.5".
The narrow certificate frame,also holding an 8.5"11" certificate,has an overall size of 11"x13.5".

Corrugated Mosaics are created from clean, sturdy, 100% post-consumer, corrugated material.The main body of the frame is cut from doublewall corrugated.

The abstract surface mosaic is made from peeled sections of recycled corrugated cartons. When selecting corrugated material to peel, I look for interesting colors and a variety of textures inside the box. I then cut the peeled corrugated into smaller squares, triangles, and rectangles, in order to fit them into the abstract design. I also cut thin cross sections through the corrugations, which I use to separate the corrugated pieces.

The standard certificate frame hangs is the horizontal position.
If your certificate is vertical, please let me know so I can add the proper hanger.

These frames do not have glass; the certificate is usually laminated in plastic and taped into the frame.
As a custom order, I can make a sturdier (wide format) frame that will include a piece of recycled window glass.

The corrugated frames are sprayed with a clear, matte varnish to protect them from moisture.

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