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Gallery of Lamps

Strata 1

Each lamp is handmade from recycled materials that are environmentally sustainable and earth friendly. Both the lamp structure and corrugated mosaic pieces are selected from clean, sturdy, 100% post-consumer corrugated materials.

The lamp's box style frame is constructed from doublewall corrugated material which is cut, folded and glued to form the lightweight and sturdy box structure.

Table lamps are generally 10" to 20" tall, but actual sizes and shapes vary as each is handcrafted and no two are exactly alike.

I have made a wide selection of triangular and square lamps designed to sit on a table or desk. I also have a variety of ideas for wall, floor and hanging lamps. The primary feature with this type of lamp is the window opening which allows light to filter through a translucent material; usually paper or plastic.

Translucent Materials :

- Foreign and Domestic Road Maps, Topographical, Nautical, Aeronautical Charts
- X-rays, Negatives, Transparencies
- Architectural or Engineering drawings
- Other materials, recycled and/or decorative papers, et cetera.

When working with heavy papers, I treat the paper to make it more translucent. I also put a sheet of recycled plastic or mylar behind the paper or other fragile materials to prevent punctures or tearing.

Recycled Content of these lamps is about 95%.
The light socket and electrical wiring are recycled and great care is taken to be very sure all are in good, safe working order. The on/off switch is new and located on the electrical cord.
The lid of each table lamp is ventilated to allow any heat to escape from within the lamp.
Maximum 40 watt capacity recommended, please use a compact fluorescent or LED light bulb.
A new compact fluorescent bulb is included for energy efficiency.

The traditional first anniversary gift is paper and recycled paper is a very green, renewable and sustainable gift — for any and all occasions.

Custom orders are a great way to create a special gift to celebrate the milestones in our lives:
birthdays, graduations, thank you gifts, promotions, weddings, anniversaries, a new business, retirement...
This is a unique and very powerful expression of your appreciation of the events and people in your life.

-One custom wedding gift was for a couple, one was from Calgary and other from Manhattan. Street maps of their respective cities were used to create an unusual gift.
-An anniversary gift was created with topographical maps of favorite camping and hiking areas near Yosemite.
-For Christmas, a sales manager ordered three custom desk lamps for the members of her sales team. After learning about their interests, I was able to create a special lamp for each person. One guy liked to fish so his lamp featured fish swimming in a wavy line around the four panels of the lamp.

Mosaic Styles

Mosaic Sq Detail

- Abstract mosaic design with 90 degree angles; squares and rectangles

Mosaic Detail 1

- Abstract mosaic design with 45 degree angles; rectangles and triangles

Pattern Detail

- Mosaic with pattern; squares, rectangles and/or triangles
expect a wide variety of patterns within this style

This gallery includes a selection of lamps that I have made over the years;some are available, others are sold and some were custom orders. Most of the styles that I have created, can be adapted into floor or hanging lamps.
I can create a custom lamp to suit your needs and interests.

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