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Corrugated Mosaic Arts

Check out this wonderful article about Corrugated Mosaic Art on Recycle Scene:

Find Corrugated Mosaic Art on Art

and at my Etsy Shop too!

andyou'll find a variety of recycled art materials and vintage found items at my other Etsy Shop:

Must see video
Caine's Arcade: about a nine year old and a bunch of corrugated boxes!

Annual Recycled Art Events

ReCycle Santa Fe November Santa Fe, NM

ReVision - The Art of Recycling June 2 - July 29, 2012 Granville Island, Vancouver, BCCanada

ReStore Recycled Arts and Fashion Show April Western Washington - Seattle & Bellingham, WA

San Diego Earthworks April Balboa Park, San Diego, CA

Artists working with recycled materials

Jo Braun
Kath Jones
Nancy Judd
Launi Lucas
Janet Jones
Janet Lee
Ira Ono
Jim Rosenau
Robi Smith
Douglas Walker
Susan Wechsler

Altered Book Links

Unbound - A National Exhibition of Book Art
To see the exhibition on Flickr

Mosaic Links & Blogs

Society of American Mosaic Artists -SAMA
American Mosaic Project. AMP
Mosaic Art Now
Contemporary Mosaic Art
www.mosaicsandceramics.ning.coma social networking site for mosaic artists
Cutting Edges: Contemporary Mosaic Art
This was the largest mosaic exhibition in North America, ever. June 2009
To see a To see a slide show of this exhibition on Flickr:
Invited Artists
Juried Artists

Links to Recycled Material Sources

FOUNDonCURB You'll find a variety of recycled art materials and vintage found items at my other Etsy Shop:

Allied Arts Gallery in Bellingham, WA now has a small shop in the back of the gallery, selling recycled art parts. I recently picked up some wonderful maps, some odds & ends plus a small gold frame.

Earth 911 -They publish a wonderful e-newsletter /and are on Facebook.
Their recent listing of the best thrift stores is good but limited.
If you know of a great one they missed, let them know!

East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse - a resource for artists and teachers
Oakland/Berkeley, CA

ReStore - used building materials & MORE stone and ceramic tile, window and plate glass, mirrors, occasionally colored glass...
Seattle & Bellingham, WA

SCRAP -School & Community Reuse Action Project

SCRAP -Scroungers Center For Reusable Art Parts
San Francisco,

Urban Source
Vancouver, BC

Recycling & Environmental Links

Heating up the Earth with Global Warming & How to Stop it!,

Fantastic Plastic

Guide to Recycling Electronics,

Kids Helping the Environment

Recycle Scene

Earth Day guide to worldwide events and more

Freecycle - large scale redistribution of stuff

Craigs List - large scale redistribution of

Green Art Guide - resource links for artists and craftspeople

Buy Nothing New

Video Links

The Story of Electronics

The Story of Bottled Water

The Story of Stuff

Reorienting Environmentalismabout 10 minutes

Sometimes I feel so frustrated when I see a person casually drop a water bottle or other recycleable item into a trash can, even if there is a recycle bin nearby. I think that no matter how many corrugated boxes I reuse, there are still so many tons of recycleable material going to landfills or just scattered across the landscape.... In the meantime, keep recycling!

Corrugated Mosaic Art welcomes suggestions and information for additional links.

To see the current selection available at my Etsy shop, click on this image:Fantastic Plastic All photos & content Luci Lytle 2012